Peace of Wall

admin @ 28/05/2010


Tomorrow is the last day of the Peace of Wall exhibition being held at Until Never gallery in Melbourne.


Aled Williams

admin @ 27/05/2010

boomerang-03 is the web portfolio of UK Graphic designer Aled Williams and he’s also not half bad.


Magpie Studios

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I’m having trouble keeping up with all the web aggregates and feeds and enewsletters and cryptic notes I’ve written to myself.   I’m digging up and stumbling upon things while stuff is buzzing and tweeting so I can’t be sure how I came across Magpie Studios but I’m glad I did.


Robert Murdock

admin @ 26/05/2010


I think most people are a little suspicious of the high price tag attached to large commercial re-branding and logo design projects. They look at something like this three letter wordmark for Nokia’s ‘Nex’ division and wonder why something so simple cost so much to develop. Surely an experienced graphic designer could knock that out in an afternoon.


Sean Stiegmeier

admin @ 19/05/2010

Came across this beautiful footage shot by US photographer/videographer Sean Stiegmeier of the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland responsible for the Big Airport Kefuffle.


Renaud Hallee

admin @ 16/05/2010

I came across this motion graphics piece on iso50.



admin @ 05/05/2010


Thought I’d put in a plug for a local design studio for a change.


Kyle Fletcher

admin @ 04/05/2010


Sometimes a good, simple idea is like a gorgeous girl on the arm of some average-looking bloke.  You’re jealous but at the same time you can’t help but stare.

I think this logo was a bit like that for me.


Carl Bender

admin @


Found some great satirical packaging design on


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