Times Square, NYC

admin @ 29/05/2013

My tour across the states has really been one big survey of American neon signs.


Phaedra Hairdressing

admin @ 02/08/2012

A short promotional video I did for Phaedra Hairdressing late last year.


Pidgeon Design

admin @ 21/10/2010


Some terrific print work from Melbourne design agency Pidgeon Design. When I’m not totes-busy I’ll go back and edit this post to something more substantial about this studio.


Sam Griffith; Walk Across America

admin @ 12/09/2010


Loving this stop-motion piece for Levi’s by American director Sam Griffith.


Let’s Colour

admin @ 01/09/2010

The ‘Dulux Walls’ film (part of their latest advertising campaign) has to be one of the most beautiful commercials of the last few years.


Jazz Packing

admin @ 11/08/2010

A very talented friend of mine working for DT Digital here in Melbourne has just released a series of online shorts for Honda promoting the Honda Jazz.


Keith Schofield

admin @ 10/08/2010


K-Swiss recently hired Keith Schofield to put together a fairly awesome commercial with the tag line ‘Have an Awesome Day. Which is timely, because 2010 has turned out to be the year of the word Awesome. Personally I’m hoping the word ‘splendid’ makes a revival in 2011.


Logo Design; DBS Construction

admin @ 19/07/2010


I put together a number of identity concepts for a construction company here in Melbourne last week.

DBS is one of the primary contractors to local government and commercial businesses in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and they were looking to re-brand and expand their business with a new identity and web presence.


Phaedra Hairdressing Website

admin @ 05/07/2010


Dave and I here at Riddip have finished work on an in-house website redesign for local hairdressing salon Phaedra.


Roald van der Meer

admin @ 30/06/2010


Some labour-intensive identity work from Dutch designer Roald van der Meer using forced-perspective to bring the MTV logo to life.


Samurai Branding 101

admin @ 24/06/2010


In keeping with the last few updates on branding and Identity design I’ve scanned in some excerpts from this book of Japanese family crests and heraldry.


Ptarmak Inc

admin @ 21/06/2010


I earmarked Ptarmak design studio in Austin a while back to do a post on because, aside from having solid portfolio of branding projects, they have a real flair for presenting their work and an excellent HTML site to top it all off.


Logo Design: Thinking Inside the Box

admin @ 18/06/2010


The first post on this blog is more than a year old now and it was a link to the ‘World of Logotypes’ book published in 1976 and re-discovered and scanned by designer Eric Carl.


Magpie Studios

admin @ 27/05/2010


I’m having trouble keeping up with all the web aggregates and feeds and enewsletters and cryptic notes I’ve written to myself.   I’m digging up and stumbling upon things while stuff is buzzing and tweeting so I can’t be sure how I came across Magpie Studios but I’m glad I did.


Robert Murdock

admin @ 26/05/2010


I think most people are a little suspicious of the high price tag attached to large commercial re-branding and logo design projects. They look at something like this three letter wordmark for Nokia’s ‘Nex’ division and wonder why something so simple cost so much to develop. Surely an experienced graphic designer could knock that out in an afternoon.



admin @ 05/05/2010


Thought I’d put in a plug for a local design studio for a change.


Carl Bender

admin @ 04/05/2010


Found some great satirical packaging design on LovelyPackage.com.


Wrangler Blue

admin @ 12/02/2010


A friend sent me a link to Wrangler’s latest web advertising campaign.


Jacob’s Business Cards

admin @ 01/12/2009


The final printed business cards for sound and lighting technician Jacob Battista.


Logotype; Jacob Battista

admin @ 06/11/2009


Here are a few initial proofs for a logotype for sound and lighting technician Jacob Battista.


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